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SCSI driver won't copy with Disaster Recovery CD

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my setup:


I've got an Adaptec AAA-133U2 SCSI card with 5 drives (1 hot spare; 4 in a RAID 5 array). I can install to the RAID array "drive" just fine using the Windows 2000 Advanced Server CD; hit F6 for the SCSI driver, etc.




The problem:


The Disaster Recovery CD I made (before I slicked the boot drive) won't copy the SCSI driver to the harddrive: I boot off the CD, hit F6, give it the floppy, and it seems happy. Blah, blah... It switches to the mode where it is going to copy files to the harddrive (Windows 2000 Server setup screen). Then it complains that it can't copy the SCSI Drivers (cda1000.sys and oemsetup.inf); it recommends making sure the CD is in the drive and hitting to retry. Retry does nothing. There is no option to redirect it to the floppy disk. The killer is that the driver is ON that CD. I can see it in the :\DRIVERS directory.




If I hit to let the Disaster Recover CD copy stuff with out the drivers, it'll happily continue, reboot, go to the loading Windows GUI, and then give me and "Inaccessible_Boot_Device" error. So skipping the files isn't an option either.




!@#%!!! Help! (TIA)

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Retrospect 6.0 fixes the reported problem that prevented some users from being able to fully complete restore operations from the Disaster Recovery CD if third-party RAID or other adapter drivers were required under Windows NT or 2000. Retrospect 6.0 now correctly restores these drivers from the Disaster Recovery CD.




To update your current version of Retrospect to 6.0, please go here.



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