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incremental backups work, problem with new media backups


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Server: Windows 2000 running Retrospect 5.6


Client: Windows 98SE client 5.6




Incremental (daily) backups work fine, but on new media backups (full) I get a 519 error ( network communication failed). There is connection with the client, the snapshot is stored but the log shows comparing the drive and then the 519 error with zero files completed.


This happens to the same10 percent of my users, occasionally completing the new media backup. I have looked for differences in these particular machines, re-installed the client software, forgotten and re-established the client, re-boooted and shutdown all unneccessary apps running before the backup. Suggestions?

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Error 519 is wholly network-related. The New Media backups may be a trigger for this behavior, but they certainly aren't the ultimate culprit.




It sounds as though something is breaking the connection between client and backup machine during the storing of the snapshot in the catalog file and on the media.




When this happens, what state is the client machine in? Does the client still show a connection (erroneously) to the backup machine? What happens if you attempt to force a subsequent backup of those clients? Also, you mention that the "same 10 percent" is thus afflicted. Do you mean that the same client machines are consistently triggering this?

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