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How to specify folders for backup on many clients?

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My first posting... please bear with me. I apologize for the length of this posting:




What is wrong? What should/could be improved?




Problem: clients get message saying they were successfully backed up, but *no* files are backed up. (Not one, not off any machine, not even off the server running this mess.)




Server: Win 2000 Server running Retrospect Backup, Server Edition, version 5.6.132




~40 Clients: Win 2000 Pro, Win NT 4 SP 5, Win 98, and Win 95




I want to copy (backup, not archive, right?) only the data files and certain configuration files off these PCs.




In Automate | Scripts ->


Sources: all defined OK


Destinations: all defined OK and working OK (tested via full server backup)


Selecting: please see below


Options: Verificatin on, data compression unchecked (done by the hardware)


Schedule: OK, works on schedule




My selector (intention- these should be "and/or", not just "and"- did I get this wrong?):


INCLUDE files matching


+ Windows or path matches pattern \Data\*.*


+ and Windows or path matches pattern C:\Windows\Desktop\*.*


+ and Windows or path matches pattern C:\Windows\Favorites\*.*


+ and Windows or path matches pattern C:\Windows\*.pst


+ and Windows or path matches pattern \JMP\data\*.*


+ and Windows or path matches pattern c:\Documents and Settings\*.*




For all 6 of these criteria, the Conditions are:


Windows (FAT/NTFS) | Path (Originally tried Universal | Name, but had same results)


checked: File and Folder




checked: Include enclosed folders


not checked: Match case




Many thanks!!



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Selectors are tricky. You need to make sure that the selection criteria themselves are correct, and then you need to make sure they've been linked correctly.




A good rule of thumb is to make sure that unrelated criteria are linked by "or." For example, how do you select a folder whose name is "Applications" AND whose name is "System Folder?" It's impossible. But it makes much more sense to select a folder whose name is "Applications" OR whose name is "System Folder."




Another good thing to remember is to "check" your Selector. Do this by, in your Selector edit window, selecting "Check Selector" from the Selector menu. Choose a volume and Retrospect will apply your Selector to that volume in real-time. This will save you having to wait until a backup to see if it's been set up correctly.

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