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Hi! We are running Retrospect Server version 5.6.127 with Driver Update version 2.8.111.




I have a user who get a strange error message which I haven't seen before. I have tried to reinstall the client but to no avail.






Here is the log:




-2002-07-16 12:18:27: Copying Drive C (C:) on BAH508185ELLERA


2002-07-16 12:18:27: Connected to BAH508185ELLERA


T-12: MapError: unknown Windows error 999


T-12: TPCFolderLoc::StartFind: UFindFirstFile failed, C:\Documents and Settings\508185\Application Data\Microsoft\Templates\Firm Templates, winerr 999, error -1001


Scanning incomplete, error -1001 (unknown Windows OS error)






What can I do to remove this error?








Anders Blixt



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