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Strategy for Managing Nearly 80 Clients

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With nearly eighty systems to backup from one server, my client list is becoming difficult to manage. Due to the size of the archive files and the internal divisions in our office, I separated clients into different scripts. We also use Outlook and some users have multiple PST files that can be as large as 2 Gig in size. To maximize the time between recycle routines, I have one script for everything but the PST files (I'm trying to have them last for 30 days), and then a second script just for the PST files (ten days).




Any advice? I'm not 100% satisified with this setup so I am interested in suggestions. With this setup, I nearly use a good chunk of four 120 Gig HDs and some archives exceed 40 Gig. I have been thinking that it would be much safer to have two archives for each client where one remains while the other is recycled. Is an 'every other day' scripts with recycle offsets of 15 days a resonable solution?




Also, I would love a Retrospect 'client' analysis tool.This tool would among other things, allow me to find any clients NOT in a script. Additionally, the Client properties should report which scripts a client is associated with. This is at least as important as resetting client clocks!







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