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DVD Backup Media Strategy

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Hi, I would like to know how to implement the following media strategy (in other words will Retrospect operate this way)?




I propose two backup sets, each completly covering about 15 Gb of data. Each backup set initially uses say 5 DVD media. I do an incramental backup daily using alternate sets. I don't want to keep both sets on-site all of the time. So, I would like to keep one set completely on-site (no problem here) and the other set mostly off-site.




For the set kept off-site, I would like to send 4 of the 5 DVD discs off-site, and then have a rotation for the 5th disk. This means multiple copies of the 5th disk, one on-site, one in the mail, one off-site. The three "5th" discs would rotate until the 5th disk is full and a 6th is added. Then the full 5th disk goes off-site and a 3 disk "6th" disk rotation starts.




My questions are 1) whether Retrospect will properly deal with updating the 3 disc rotation of the last disk in the set; and 2) In the event of a Restore (assuming the on-site set is not avalialbe and after recovering the off-site set) will Retrospect be able to restore from the off-site discs plus any one of the three rotating last discs?




The completness of the Restore would of course be limited by which disc in the three disc rotation was used.




Thanks, Rich 7-10

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