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Terminal Server 4.0 Restore

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I am doing a little testing of the product and I am having an issue restoring a terminal server from backup. Everything appears to restore fine with the exception of the following error in the backup report:




File "C:": can't write security information, error 87 (unknown)




I looked up this error in the knowledge base and it says just to re-establish permissions and it should resolve the issue. I look at NTFS permissions and everything looks OK.




My problem is this - after I restored the server, any users who log on which are not a member of the administrators group on the server get asked to map drives to \\server\c$ and \\server\admin$ on login. If I give the user admin rights, everything is normal. If I take them away again, I get the same problem. Has anyone seen this issue restoring a terminal server?











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Can't say I've seen this, but thought I'd post a query about running Retrospect on a Terminal Server. When logging in from a client, I set up Retrospect, then quit. Upon quitting I get an error that the launcher service isn't running.




In fact the service IS running, and I've set the launcher service to log in as administrator with the administrator's password (as opposed to the default system login).




When controlling this machine by pcAnywhere, I do not get this error alert. I've read the KB article on Terminal Services, and am just wondering if anyone has found a workaround, or if Dantz has solved this post v.5.15.









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