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Problem with second media

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I have Retrospect Desktop 5.6 with a Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-102. When I use DVD-R or DVD-RW media, I can usually do a backup through the first piece of media, but any change leaves me with a "Please Wait" message forever, and if I kill the program, the media is corrupted. This means all my backups must fit on one DVD. Has anyone seen this problem, and can suggest a workaround? So far my experiences with Retrospect have been uniformly negative.



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What operating system is this?




Also, please confirm the exact mechanism that you are using by including the entire string that appears in the Device Status (or Environment) window of Configure > Devices.








Irena Solomon


Dantz Tech Support

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I have run into the same problem with the DVR-103 drive. You can get around the problem - although this is clumsy. Try stopping the backup when it asks for the next media. Then insert the next blank media and then restart the backup - on my system doing this prevents the hang and corruption of the next media in the set. I have successfully backed up a rather large collection of music files onto 5 DVD-R disks this way.

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