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Backup Hangs with winerr 2321

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The backup often hangs when comparing the last volume and the log fills up with the repeating message




TCPVol : : ServerForceDisc : UNetShareDel failed, 0:\, winerr 2321, error -1001


Maperror : unknown Windows error 2,321




We sometimes have to force Retrospect closed with the task manager. When we do we receive a Assertion failure at "wind.cpp-6786" An internal consistency check failed.




We ran diagnostics on the drive and there are no errors.


We also reinstalled the software and recreated backup sets and tapes.




here is some of the assert_log




OS: Windows 2000 version 5.0 (build 2195), Service Pack 2


Application: D:\Retrospect\Retrospect.exe, version 5.6.127


Exception occurred on 6/21/2002 at 12:07:43 PM


Error info: Assertion failure at "wind.cpp-6786"




Exception code: E0000000 ASSERTION


Fault address: 77E989D1 0001:000179D1 KERNEL32.dll






Thread ID: 00000A50, Name: RetroFrameThread




EAX:10A2CB54 CS:001B EIP:77E989D1 EFlags:00000206


EBX:00000113 SS:0023 ESP:10A2CB4C EBP: 10A2CBA4


ECX:00000000 DS:0023 ESI:10A2CBE4 FS: 003B


EDX:60071B40 ES:0023 EDI:10A2CB74 GS: 0000







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From your posting, it would appear that you are backing up this drive through Windows Networking. This error could indicate anything from permissions errors to problems on the drive being accessed.




What happens if you backup this drive via the Retrospect client software rather then through Windows Networking?

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