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error -703

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I'm getting a message that reads: "Script (script name) is next for execution but the script isn't ready: Normal backup to (script name) not ready: Can't access set (set name), error -703 (need a user entered password but can't ask)




I've gone to Configure -- Backup Sets -- Properties and verified the Login. Also, the backup is to a file on another computer in the office so I've checked that the source volumes and backup location are all available on the network from the location where Retrospect is running. What's the issue, what am I missing?





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Are you getting this error when you start Retrospect manually? It sounds like Retrospect does not have permission to access the file backup set across your network.




Please provide more information about your configuration - what Operating systems are running on the backup server and the destination drive?




When exactly does the error occur?

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