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Backup Server skips some clients

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I have a Backup Server script running continuously (24/7 except for when one other script is running) which backs up one folder from each of about 80 Windows NT4 & 2K PC's. This used to work just fine, but several weeks ago I started to see an odd problem: the report shows that certain PC's (as many as 30, but not always the same ones) were being skipped. Although they appear in the Backup Server list as "ASAP", the server never seems to get to them, but repeatedly cycles through all of the others. At first I though those users were Deferring their backup, but I now know that this is not what's happening. When I stop the Backup Server, I can connect to the skipped clients through the Configure Clients window, and I can browse their files through the Configure Volumes window, so it's not a connectivity thing. I can find no evidence of the PC's being turned off at night, or deferred during the day, or of any network interruptions, so I'm forced to conclude that the Backup Server is just choosing to ignore those clients. Stopping and restarting Retrospect at the server has no effect, nor does stopping and restarting the Retrospect Service on the clients. I've seen this situation spontaneously correct itself, so that one weekend they all get backed up, but then it occurs again. (This latest time my own PC is being skipped, and I never defer a backup.)




I'm running Retrospect Server 5.6 on an NT4 (SP6a) box. All clients are Windows client 5.6.




Has anyone seen anything like this before? Any suggestions would be appreciated.







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