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unable to pick source

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We have Retospect 5.15 server.


We had functioning Backup Scripts with various Snap servers picked as sources for backup.


We had a crash of our windows professional domain controller.


We had to reinstall WINS.




Currently on backup machine (win2000 pro) using explorer and nbtstat we can see all of our snap servers.


We can resolve and ping them by name and by ip address


We can tracert to them also


We can reach them by internet explorer using the ip address and the name for administrative duties.




In retrospect we are unable to pick four of the snap servers.


We go to create a script.


We choose new script


We choose duplicate


We give it a name such as PUBLIC


We have the Duplicate PUBLIC screen now appear


We choose source


We choose network


On the Adding network volume screen we choose microsoft windows network


we choose our domain Sonesta


we scroll down on the server list and double click PUBLIC


the apps volume now appears


we double click on apps, so that it will appear in the use box


we click on use


the screen reverts to the source volume for duplicate screen, but the apps volume for PUBLIC is not listed


therew is NO error message of any type.




If I follow all the above steps, but double click on apps to list all the file folders on apps and then use a file file folder such as temp and click on use


I get the source volume screen for duplication and under oneof the already existing source volumes will appear a folder called temp or apps, it gives the name in no way I can follow.


This folder is either readable or empty and I can not follow whatever rule it is follwing when it is created.








I have rebooted both Domain controlers, rebooted the win2000 pro machine, shut down and restarted retrospect several times. I have also "forget" all the source drives and reinstalled them new, I still have 4 machines that I can not make as source volumes.







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After having this post up for several weeks with no help, I finally called tech support.


It turns out there is a bug in the 5.15 version. Sometimes Retrospect will think that similiar devices on the network are the same, even when they are not. It will therefor not allow you to add the same device twice.




It took support about 15 minutes to come up with the solution.




The only fix is to upgrade to version 5.6. Once I upgraded the problem went away.






Support was very helpfull and I commend them for their good work.



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