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invalid NTFS data error msg

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When doing a 6.5 GB restore of files from my Win XP notebook (with an NTFS formatted hard disk) onto a 120GB NTFS volume of a Win NT sp6 machine, I got 270 error notices in the retrospect log of the form:




File "C:\Documents and Settings\toey\Desktop\2002-04-25_Flat.pdf": can't write, error -1124 (invalid NTFS data)


File "C:\Documents and Settings\toey\Desktop\Pages from 2002-04-25_Flat.pdf": can't write, error -1124 (invalid NTFS data)


File "C:\Documents and Settings\toey\My Documents\A\4-H\marketing\2002\2002-02-15_scc4h4u_mtg.doc": can't write, error -1124 (invalid NTFS data)




When I looked at the files that were restored vs the originals still on my notebook (luckily an OS repair brought my notebook back to life) the files mentioned in the error msg seem to be fine at the restore location except their created & modified dates were all set to when they were restored and not the values of the original files. This appears to be the only ramification of this -1124 error.




Many, many other files came through just fine in the same locations as the files that had the errors and have their created & modified dates properly set. For instance on my desktop I have 2 PDF files both created at about the same time whose properties are essentially identical -- one had an error and the other did not.




Why does this error happen on a few files and not others? The error is a bit disconcerting.




Does anyone know of any other adverse consequences of the -1124 error (other than the 2 dates being reset)?







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