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Error -102 during restore

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I wrote this long message, emailed it to support, and was auto-directed to this forum. I've since read a few messages about "Secret Preferences" and I think they may hold the key to my success..... Could someone please share that tip with me? In the interim, here's the problem:




I am running on a Dell PowerEdge 2400, 733mhz, 256MB RAM (130MB free), four HDs on a Dell PERC 2/si RAID controller, 1 9gb with 2 partitions and 3 18gb in a RAID5 config. The server is an NT 4 domain PDC running SP 6a. I have an internal BENCHMARK DLT-1 drive using the onboard SCSI (not the RAID controller). SCSI ID is 6. Under SCSI adapters, Settings for the drive's SCSI adapter, and then Settings for the drive itself, I see it is firmware revision 3213 and SCSI adapter is using driver aic78xx. The "Tape Devices" control panel shows this driver installed: "BENCHMARK Digital Linear Tape NT 4.0 Ver 1.5 (Started)"




I have Retrospect 5.6 and have installed the RDU 2.8 file from your website.




When I try to restore specific files across multiple backup sets - my query comes up with 5mb of files. The first nine files restore perfectly. There are 35 files total. After restoring those first nine files, during the restore process, the tape rewinds and then fast forwards and rewinds and fast forwards - MULTIPLE TIMES - for approximately 20 minutes - and the restore finally aborts with "Device Trouble: '3-Servers Set', error -102 (trouble communicating)"




Retrospect does NOT eject the tape. It does NOT ask for a different tape. The drive just goes back and forth, over and over, and the restore finally quits!




Please help me! :-)







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