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It seems the only way I can get ReportsWatcher to work correctly is if it resides on a different machine than the one which Retrospect 5.15 is installed. If I run ReportsWatcher from the Retrospect machine I get an error that the "never backed up" report can't be created then all of the resulting html files contain no backup information. Does anyone have a fix for this?

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First, determine where you want the Retrospect


Backup Reports and HTML output to be stored.


These locations can be different folders or the


same folder. The most simple location is on a


network volume that all your backup computers


and workstations can access.


At each backup computer, open Retrospect and


go to SpecialPreferences. Select the Logging


preferences from the Notification category.


Turn on the option to export the Backup Report


and provide the path to your previously deter-mined




Each backup computer should export its Back-up


Report to that same location, but should use


a unique file name. This name will identify the


original Backup Report in the larger, consoli-dated


HTML report.




To configure ReportsWatcher:


Open ReportsWatcher. Click the Reports button


and select the location where the Retrospect


Backup Reports are stored. Click the Save In


button and select the folder in which to save the


HTML summaries.


Leave ReportsWatcher open in order for it to


continuously monitor reports.




Click the Options button to change Reports-Watcher’s


update time interval or other






Click the Edit HTML button to change Reports-Watcher’s


HTML code. You can edit the HTML


for each of the five different report types.




You can view the report on any computer with


a web browser. Open the index.htm file in the


HTML summaries folder. The index summariz-es


available reports. It has a variety of report


formats. To view details of a particular backup


computer’s report, click the report name. To


view details of successful backups, failed back-ups,


or volumes never backed up, click the


numbers in the appropriate table cells.




ReportsWatcher is a Visual Basic application


and its source code is included in the Reports-Watcher


folder. You may customize it for your


own personal use.

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