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Retrospect Backup to Plextor CD-R PX-W2410A

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Retrospect Backup to Plextor CD-R PX-W2410A




When using Retrospect Workgroup Backup, version 5.6.132, to perform backups to the Plextor PlexWriter CD-R PX-W2410A, there are operational problems when operating under Windows XP.




With a backup CD inserted into the drive before Retrospect startup, Retrospect hangs. As Retrospect begins its startup, the disk drive spins continuously. With the Windows Task Manager, its shows Retrospect as "not responding." The only way out if this dilemma is to use the "End Task" button as the disk drive never stops spinning.




We also first started Retrospect before inserting the backup CD. When the CD is then inserted and the Retrospect Device Scan starts, the same continuous hang with Retrospect not responding, with the disk drive spinning continuously.




We have a work-around, but it’s kind of clumsy:




1. Start Retrospect; go to the Configure / Status tab.


2. Wait for the Device Scan to find the empty drive.


3. Insert the backup CD


4. Wait for the disk to spin-up and the Status to change from Empty to Read


5. Then perform your backup.




While the above works, it does not allow Retrospect scripted startup and backup.




We also have a Toshiba DVD-ROM SD-R1002 CD-R installed out computer. This drive does not exhibit this behavior. With the Toshiba, Retrospect starts up properly with a CD previously inserted.




The problem appears to be created by Windows XP CE AutoPlay. AutoPlay appears to take control of the CD drive and won’t let go. AutoPlay is attempting to determine the content of the disk. The proprietary format of Retrospect backup data confuses AutoPlay with this driver not providing a time-out way out of content non-recognize.




Microsoft has decided that we must use AutoPlay, as they do not provide a way to disable it. From the CD drive Properties dialog, I tried all of the obvious mode of AutoPlay startup with not change in behavior.




We see this problem is exhibited on three separate computers, each as different hardware, but common to running Windows XP with backup to the Plextor PlexWriter or 16/10/40 or 24/10/40A CD-R.




Has anyone else seen this problem? Do you know of a workaround?




To eliminate PlexWriter CD-R PX-W2410A firmware as a problem, I attempted to install the version 1.03 firmware update. The following message is displayed:




PX-W2410A not found.


Make sure the drive cable is connected and the unit has power.




Apparently there is a bug in the firmware install program, which does not allow the PX-W2410A to be seen when running on Windows XP. Just FYI--the following response was received from Plextor:




The problem is with Windows XP and our updater. Please don't attempt


firmware updates in Windows XP. We are working on a solution to that


problem but for now you'd need to move the drive to a system running


an earlier version of Windows if you need to do the update.




Peter Mackie


Seaquest Software

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