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too little disk space

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Been running Windows Server version 5.15 for at least a year without problems. I recently defragged my W2k Pro HDD and now when my automated script tries to run, I get a recurring error: "Can't Execute: Too little disk space". Not true, since I have over 12 GB available on the drive. I've tried forgetting and redoing the script and reloaded the 5.15 update as a "repair" over the program files. I can manually run the script no problems. Tape has plenty of room, too. Any ideas?

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hmmm........ completely uninstalled Retrospect Server and reinstalled. Same problem. This is new since the Win 2k defrag. I've noticed that the Retrospect Helper Service is on Automatic, but not running. I started it manually but it stops after a few seconds. Is this supposed to be running? Or, does it just start when needed? Is this causing the trouble? Any Dantz people read this forum? (I've noticed that replies are few and far between for alot of posters...) BTW, the Knowledge Base doesn't address this error when I do a search.

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