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Disaster Recovery

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I am evaluating Desktop 5.6 on a Windows XP system. I have made a complete backup on CD-RWs using the "All files except cache files" selector. I also made a DR CD based on the full backup. I then popped out my good harddrive and popped in a spare one to simulate a harddrive failure. I booted with the DR CD and it installed the temp Windows installation and then prompted for me to remove the DR CD, reboot, and said it would then prompt me to restore the system with the backup CDs.




Here's the problem, I removed the DR CD and rebooted, but nothing happened. Windows came up, but it looks like Retrospect was not installed during the restore. There is a shortcut in "retrodr" shortcut in the Startup folder which points to "C:\DRWINNT.TMP\system32\retro\retrospect.exe -dr" but shortcut's target does not exist.




Did I do something wrong? Can anyone help? If I have to reinstall Retrospect after a disaster than that defeats the purpose of creating a DR CD. I'll be happy to provide additional information.











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