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Excluding more than I ask for

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I have a pwrchute.dat file that I wish to exclude from backups so as not to generate an error as the file is open.






Retrospect Server 5.6.123


Windows 2000 Server SP2








Windows NT 4.0 Server SP6a






I set the exclusion to be:




Windows (FAT/NTFS) -> Path -> File does match pwrchute.dat




When I check this selector against the volume on the client it excludes the "C:\Program Files\Pwrchute\pwrchute.dat" file as desired, however the undesired effect of "C:\Program Files\MarkVis" and subdirectory "C:\Program Files\MarkVis\WinNT" are excluded as well. Neither of these folders have files, and I checked for hidden files, so I do not see how my indended exclusion of the file "pwrchute.dat" would affect the MarkVis directory tree.

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