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PC vs. Mac server-PC much slower?


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All: for the past few weeks I've been running Mac-based server (4.2) and a PC-based server (5.5) on the same network, backing up identical client base (48 clients, Mac and PCs). I've noticed that the PC-based server can take much longer to complete a backup than the Mac-server. Some examples: Dell celeron client--22:40 on PC server, 5:22 on Mac server, each backed up 21.5MB; HP Vectra VL420--18:04 on PC server, 7:10 on Mac server, each backed up 40MB; another Vectra--12:03 on PC server, 4:49 on Mac server, 9MB backed up each case; iMac--3:28 on PC server, 4:38 on Mac server, 6MB backed up ( Mac clients take about the same time on PC and Mac-based server, the big discrepancy is with PC clients! Verification is on in both cases, machines are on the same network segment, plugged into the same switch, side by side in the same network closet); I have more examples from the logs and am collecting more data in head-to-head comparisions, but you get the general trend--PC clients on a PC-based server are taking substantially longer than the same clients on a Mac-based server. The annoying thing is that the PC-server is a HP Vectra VL420, Windows 2000, 1.6GHz Pentium 4 with 256MB RAM running Retrospect Server 5.5 while the Mac is creaky old PowerComputing 200Mhz PowerBase with 192MB RAM running Restrospect 4.2! Both are backing up to Sony SDX-300C external SCSI AIT drives. I was expecting that the PC server would rip thru the script, but I end up with the Mac script taking 3-4 hours while the PC-script takes 7-8 hours. Something is NOT right here, or is this the way that it's supposed to be?

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My guess is the slowness is related to how the PC stores snapshots. It sucks....


Below is a snippet of my log file. It took 33 minutes to backup 48 files. Almost all the time was building a snapshot of the volume. The catalog files for my pc server are around 5x the size of the catalog file generated on my mac backup server. For standard workstation backups, we've had to turn off the snapshot option, as the backup machine spent all night creating snapshots, and not backing up data. I'm going to have to turn off snapshots on the servers script also.




6/19/2002 12:31:39 PM: Copying Data Volume (D:) on FILE SERVER


6/19/2002 1:04:54 PM: Snapshot stored, 24.9 MB


6/19/2002 1:05:12 PM: Execution completed successfully


Completed: 48 files, 101.3 MB


Performance: 141.3 MB/minute


Duration: 00:33:20 (00:01:35 idle/loading/preparing)



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