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Compaq 12/24 DAT Drive

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I have recently installed the Retrospect on my W2k Servers.


On one of the server it identify the Compaq 12/24 DAT drive, but says that the drive is empty when there is a DAT tape in the Drive.


I have went to your ( KB ) and it said to clean the drive, I did that and it still does not recognize that there was a Tape in the drive.


I went to your ( Hardware compatible list ) on your website to see if the Compaq 12/24 was there, and it was on your ( Hardware compatible list ).


Can you tell me why want the Retrospect 5.6 will recognized a tape when it is in the drive?


And it does not recognize the Sony CD-RW CRX140S SCSI and it is on your ( Hardware compatible list ) on your website


New customer to your Product.


The software is a New Purchase about a week old.


I really would like some help with this.



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