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HDD backup = mystery lost disk space


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I am trying Retrospect Backup 5.6 (2.7 driver) and I bought a 2nd IDE HDD slave to backup my C: drive to. I have NOTHING else installed on the backup NTFS partition, just my destination for Retrospect backups. (I'm running WIndows XP Pro, mind you). After a backup (which appears to work fine without error), the disk starts acting funny. When I go back into Retrospect and do a "Verify Script". it keeps the disk busy forever... never returns with an error or anything. I have to re-boot to get it to quit.




The thing is... I looked at the used space available on the disk, and it's like 2x of what I expect (after a backup). I can't actually find where all the space is being used up. The backup files are the only thing on the disk and they are much smaller. I reformatted the partition and then everything starts working fine again. Its like a strange corruption on the disk -- after a backup is performed.




Chkdsk acts funny too, it takes a LONG time to complete a test, but no errors are found. Sometimes Norton DiskDoctor exits abnormally too, but after I re-format, things are good again until I run a backup.




Please help!

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