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CPU usage 100% during backup.

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I am running Retrospect Server 5.6 on a Windows 2000 Professional workstation using a Sony 500 AIT2 tape drive. This system is used to back up Win 2000 servers and to do immediate backups on users systems. Most of the clients are running 5.6 as well. Recently we have noticed that when a backup starts the CPU usage on that server or workstation spikes to 100% and stays there until the backup is complete. We thought that a Microsoft Sercuity Rollup update applied to the computers was the cause of the problem but after some testing we are now unsure about this. I saw the info about a Norton AntiVirus conflict but it does not say anything about the Corporate Edition. Has anyone else experienced high(100%)CPU usage in the Task Manager on systems that are being backed up by Retrospect? Note that this has not always been the case it just started happening the past month or so. Any input would be greatly appreciated.







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