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Problems w/ Sony AIT Autoloader


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I'm having a problem with a new Sony AIT Autoloader with Retrospect 5.5 (About Retrospect shows version # 5.5.144). This installation is running on an NT 4.0 Server w/ SP3. In a nutshell, the Retrospect is endlessly loading the tape from Slot 4 in a search for an appropriate tape for a backup. This is with a Recycle backup with all tapes in the 4-cartridge magazine erased. Retrospect shows the tapes as being erased in its Configue Devices window.




I called Dantz tech support prior to purchasing this autoloader, (a Sony TSL-SA500C - according to the device's front panel, and a TSL-A500C-according to the "properties" window in Configure Devices), to confirm that it would work with Server backup (I have v. 5.5...more on this in a moment). I was told the device would work.




When I go to configure devices, the panel shows the following:






- "Icon" Sony AIT DC No media SCSI 1:6


..............."Icon" (Empty)


- "Icon" Library slots 1 to 4


........"Icon" 1: (Erased) (These icons are the grayed tape icon)


........"Icon" 2: (Erased)


........"Icon" 3: (Erased)


........"Icon" 4: (Erased)






Last night I attempted my first unattended backup with this device, (actually first backup of any kind w/ this device). The backup is scheduled to kickoff at 10PM, which it did. When I checked the backup machine (NTServer 4 ) the following day, I found the execution window with two clocks indicating the backup was loading media. The log indicated that the backup process had been in this state since shortly after backup had commenced the previous evening (immediately after the server volumes had been resolved). No data was acutally backed up.




I also attempted an attended backup while observing the Configure Devices window. The beginning state of the window was as illustrated above...with none of the 4 erased tapes loaded. The sequence of events was:




Backup launches




Scan first volume to be backed up


Moving media from Slot 4 to Sony AIT...


Searching drives for 1-Week B (I guess the Table wasn't updated previously to show all slots having erased tapes) How does one reset the Magazine Memory anyway??


Pending...searching drives...etc drive becoming ready...


back to moving media... but it appears now that it is attempting to only load from Slot 4






Can someone out there give me some guidance with this??








Bob Humphrey







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