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error 1017 and 1116, and other questions


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I recently downloaded the desktop free trial. Our setup here is very simple. We have a number of windows machines (about 10) on a LAN that has a firewall to the outside world. All the machines are on the same LAN.




1) When I setup a backup, it seems to run fine (assuming the machines are turned on!) initially. But when the backup is setup to run on its own, I always seem to get the following errors:


error -1116 (can't access network volume)


error -1017 (insufficient permissions)




The 1116 is probably the specific machines not being turned on at the time. No problem. The other error naively seems to be due to access to the specific machine. However, I am sure this is not the case. The most telling evidence is that the backup runs perfectly fine if I sit at the backup computer and execute the script. I have also checked and corrected one potential problem where power saving mode would turn off network cards and not awaken the target computer.




Can anyone shed some light on these specific problems? These error codes were not listed in the online help (that I could find).




2) We also have 2 old (OS 8.6-) Macs on the network. If we were to purchase the workgroup version of retrospect, would this allow backing up of those computers as well? Anyone had experience with this type of setup?










EDIT: The problem of 1017 errors seems to have been answered here:




(not sure how cross-linking works here, you can find it by searching for "1017")


I am curentlly trying this solution. Basically, it seems that 2000 wants to default logging in as administrator to initiate the retrospect process. I am not completely satisfied though, since I was getting there errors from 98 machines as well, that have no accounts in this sense.

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