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Disaster Recovery CD


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I have been a very happy user of the Server product for the PC since it's appearance prior to the relase of Windows 2000 Server.




It has saved my bacon more than once. Though the restore process prior to 5.6 was a little long winded.




I did welcome the ability to build a recovery CD, until I came to try and restore a server from one I built yesterday.




Hardware Dell Poweredge 6300 with a PERC 2 Raid controller. To my surprise, (As they appear to be on the recovery cd) I needed to F6 and put the Perc drivers floppy into the machine.


Further into the setup I got a "cannot copy perc2.sys" message and subsequently for all of the raid related drivers. Needless to say it did not work when I attempted to restore beyond this point.




All the files on the disk appear OK have the right byte count etc.




Too late to "restore" my weekend but I would love to hear from a Dantz employee to get to the bottom of this.





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