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Missing events in Backup report

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I am currently evaluating Retrospect Desktop (5.6.132) for Windows on a Windows NT 4.0 (SP6a) system.




My system is organized as follows:


C: volume


D: volume


D:\X sub-volume


G: volume




I performed the following operations to the same DAT tape identified as Backup Set "A1":


Immediate Backup of volume D:


Immediate Backup of volumes C: and G:


Unattended (scripted) backup of sub-volume X




When viewing the Backup Report, only the backup events for volume D: and sub-volume X appear. There are no entries for the immediate backup operations of C: and G:.




The Operations Log indicates that all backup operations completed: there was only one execution error for volume C: concerning the modify date/time of one file.




As well, the Contents Report shows that the backup set "A1" contains all volumes (C: D: and G:).




So there appears to be an inconsistency in the Backup Report database. Is there any way of rebuilding it? What may have caused this problem?




One possible clue: the Operations Log indicates that the immediate Backup of G: terminated around 11:37 PM, about the time when I created the unattended backup script. Could that have interfered with the Backup report update process?




Thanks for any help...

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Just to clarify your original post, you performed three separate jobs? And they all show up in the log, but not in the report, right?




When you scheduled the Immediate Backups, did you see them initiate? In the log, do the quantities of data that were copied look right?




Last, the scripted event should not interfere with an Immediate Backup; it should queue up behind whatever event is running. Operative word=should.




Unfortunately, you can't ask Retrospect anymore, given that they just terminated their included tech support (part of the reason we chose Dantz's product) for a by-incident program. Feh.





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Yes. Three separate jobs that show up in the Operations Log, but the second job results don't appear in the Backup Report, i.e. volumes C: and G:




Yes. I saw the immediate jobs initiate. I left the second one unattended after a while because of the time it required.




Yes. The data quantities backed up are in line with the volume sizes.




Thanks for the help.




P.S. Too bad about the new tech support policy. I'm afraid that's not a very positive experience during a product evaluation... :-(





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I don't really have an answer for you, but I like troubleshooting :) Any chance that they show up in the detail of Sessions, under Backup Sets??




This is a downside to Retrospect's Log & Reports--a little weak on detail. Yes, it's a shame about the T/S policy; Veritas (Backup Exec) has the same policy, but their KnowledgeBase is more robust; of course, their product also costs about a dumptruck-size load of cash.





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Thanks for your efforts, KingMongo!




The answer to your latest question is: YES, they appear in the Sessions of the appropriate Backup Set.




Weird, huh? There seems to have been a glitch in the Backup Report update process. If only I could rebuild/edit that Backup Report... where is it stored??? I searched for it without success using Find, looking for a file containing the text "FirstScript" (i.e., the name of the automated script I used which *does* appear in the Backup Report).




Anyhow... I'm inclined to write this incident off as an unfortunate glitch... but it would be great to be able to recover from such a glitch. That's what I'm looking for in a robust & reliable backup application.




Still open to ideas/suggestions!

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