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Windows XP Professional


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I am trying to run Retrospect 5.6 with the 2.6 driver update on my Windows XP Professional Desktop but am experiencing severe problems:




1) If I try to backup to tape drive SCSI Tandberg NS8, I regularly but not always get "TThread Assertion Failure" error messages, especially when doing incremental backup. I have to reboot. I have reinstalled many times to no avail.




2) If I try to backup to File on a local hard drive, The first normal backup seems to work fine. When I run the second day's normal (incremental) backup, Retrospect always goes to "Not Reponding" to the point where I loose control of my machine and have to pull the plug.




Is the WinXP version still that immature? Any thoughts would be helpful. I have it running on Windows 2000 in my office without any problems. I would hate to return to Windows 2000 for my home business. I called tech support, and they have not heard of my problems from anyone else. Real scarry!

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I am having exactly the same problem. I can run an immediate normal backup from XP Pro to a BUSLink 80 GB external hard drive with no problems. It may then run successfully the next night when automatically scheduled. Then, on the morning after the third night, I may awake to find it sitting 1/3 the way through the backup. It appears to be working based on the external hard drive's access light and the retrospect.exe process listing in the Task Manager, but in fact is making no progress at all. The only way for me to get out of it in this case is to shut down my PC, which after saving all the settings comes to a blank screen and just hangs. All this time, the external drive's access light is still going like gangbusters. I have to flip the power switch off to get things to finally shut down. Of course, now when I boot back up and get into Retrospect to survey the current state of things, the backup set's catalog is corrupted and needs repair. And, of course, if I try to repair it, I get the same behavior (no progress, things just spin and I have to pull the plug to get things to stop). Thus, the backup set is ruined and I must start all over again with a fresh backup set, knowing that sometime in the next few days, this set, too, will become corrupt.




Is there a fix of any kind for this???

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I too was having this problem. I called Dantz support and they had me disable System Restore on all drives and this seems to have resolved the problem for now. They placed me on their notify list for notification when the problem is permanently resolved. To disable System Restore, right click on My Computer, select Properties, select System Restore tab, and check the box to Turn off System Restore on all drives.

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Thanks all for the info. I had the same problem backing up to a FireWire external drive. It is necessary to disable System Restore only on the the target drive (the one holding the backup) in this case to make things fly. This way you can maintain the benefits of system restore on other drives, like the boot drive.




I noticed that when the backup started, Retrospect took about 30 minutes in a "Waiting for drive" status, but the task manager showed a zillion writes to the target being done by Retrospect.exe. The number of bytes written was a little more than the size of the catalog that was being added to (in my case, about 8 GB). I would guess this was generating restore information on the drive because Retrospect messed with the end of the file, so the whole thing had to be duplicated as a restore point for the drive.





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I've also had major problems with Windows XP Professional.




Since I basically don't trust Windows I removed my W2K disk and install a new one for XP. I did a clean install and proceeded to update it online. I installed Retrospect 5.6 with the latest RDU so it supported my Ricoh MP2700A and immediately ran into problems. Retrospect appeared to burn a backup to CD, but it failed to compare or subsequently verify.




Support for my Firewire VXA is also flacky with problems "mounting" the drive (i.e hot plug and play).




My solution was to dump XP Professional and go back to W2K where the same hardware config works fine (even with CDRW media which failed under XP).




My hardware is a Gateway Essential 1000 (1GHz PIII, 512MB RAM, 40GB HD, Ricoh MP7200 CDRW) which came with W2K, but Gateway have certified it for XP.




IMHO its simply too early to use XP. Not a big deal for me personally, but XP is now the standard on new hardware and I'm going to have clients who want Retrospect on XP and I'm not confident that it works.





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