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Win XP full backup

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I have 3 computers running on a Microsoft peer to peer network. One has WinME and the other 2 have WinXP OS's. The computers with WinXP have duel 60 gb hard drives. Each of the 3 has Retrospect Desktop ver 5.6. My backup routine has been to duplicate my C: drive to the D: drive each evening on the computers using WinXP. About once monthly I have been running a full backup of the C: drive of each computer using WinXP. The WinME computer is used primarily by family and to spread out resources I placed a SCSI Sony DAT backup drive on this computer and did my full backup of the other 2 WinXP computers over my peer network.




I started this routine about 2 years ago and always had my key files on the second hard drive and on tape. I started using the preview version of WinXP last June and installed the OS using the FAT32 file system. The routine continued until about 30 days ago when I installed the final WinXP version and changed to NTFS file system.




Since changing to NTFS I can run a complete duplicate from C: to D: but the tape drive is unable to see the program and windows system folder as in the past. The backup summary shows a pencil with a red line through these folders.




I've checked everything I know of in WinXP to release the security and share the folders the network, but nothing seems to work. Perhaps I should be using client software on the WinXP machines?




Any help is appreciated.




Jerry Gaultney



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