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Backups Stalling

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I have a Windows 2000 server running Retrospect Server 5.6. For the most part, our backups are going very smoothly. However, it seems that whenever out HP DLT Autoloader (holds 8 tapes) drive goes to change to the next tape, it gets stuck. When I come in the next morning, it basically says that the "Drive is becoming ready". No errors, it doesn't halt the process... it just sits there and will sit there pretty much forever if I let it. What I've had to do is to physically shut down the DLT Autoloader, restart it, re-scan all the media, and then let it run the scheduled backups. That was working fine until yesterday. I went through the same steps, but last night, the same problem occured.




My question is, are there updated drivers for the HP DLT Autoloaders? I've already been sent one update for the drivers back in October or November.

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Mike below is a copy of an email I got from Dantz about the same problem. The taped drives are different, but it cured my problem and I hope it works for you. I now close Retrospect when I remove or replace any tapes. Make sure you shut down your computer before power cycling your external tape drive.




Another thing, Retrospect has its own drivers for external tape drive and they suggest for NT Server not to use the tape drives drivers. I am not sure about 2000 Server.












Quantum DLT2700 through -4700 series:


A seven-tape Quantum DLT library has four modes which are set using the key


on the front of the loader. The modes are Locked, Automatic, Manual, and


Service, with each mode's key position designated by an icon. To work with


Retrospect, the library must be in Locked or Automatic mode.




Changing the Magazine when Retrospect is Open: To eject the magazine, first


choose Eject Magazine from Retrospect's devices toolbar. Turn the loader's


key to the Automatic position and, after the green light on the loader's


Eject button illuminates, press the button. When the door opens, tilt it


down to its fully open position and remove the magazine. Load the magazine


completely with your desired tapes, replace the magazine in the loader, turn


the key to the Locked position, then push the door closed. The first tape is


automatically loaded into the drive.




Changing the Magazine when Retrospect is Not Open: To change the magazine


when Retrospect is not open you need not take any special action.




Tape Slot Numbers: The library's door has a number for each tape slot,


numbered 0 through 6; ignore these numbers. Consider the magazine slots


numbered 1 through 7, corresponding to Retrospect's slot numbers.



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Thanks Tom,




Actually, I found an updated driver on their site (took me a while to find it as it was pretty well hidden), and haven't had a problem since. Of course, it's only been a few days since I updated that, so there is still plenty of time for things to go awry.





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