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OSX 10.3 hard drives not getting backed up w/retro 5.1

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I have multiple hard drives that get backed up nightly from Restrospect 5.1.177 with no problems. This includes 2 PC's and one OSX 10.2 hard drive. The 10.2 hard drive gets backed up along with the OS 9 hard drives while the computer is in OS9 running retro 5.1. I have 2 machines that have OSX 10.3 updated hard drives that do not get backed up while set up exactly as the afore metioned OS9 booted computer. Is there something in the newest OS that makes those hard drives not able to be backed up. The error that comes up in the Retro log is error -108(not enough memory) but that is not the case. I have compared every setting on the machines and the only thing different is the OSX. Can anyone confirm that there is or is not a compatability problem with the programs and the OS?

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You don't say what operating system you are using on your backup machine. I use v. 5.1.167 on a G4 400 Mhz on OS 10.2.8 with 1GB RAM, and I have no trouble backing up OS 10.3 client Hard Drives. Perhaps you simply need more RAM or, if you are running OS 9, perhaps you need to increase your memory allocation for Retrospect.


Good Luck


G. Ring

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