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backup set "locked"

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I should say I'm an inexperienced user of Retrospect.


I'm trying to run a routine backup. As my destination I selected "Backup Set B," which is where I have backed up my hard drive the last few times. (I use an external hard drive as my destination. My computer is a G4 flat-screen imac 800hz. I have, unfortunately, only backed it up four times in the last year.)


This time, after running through the whole procedure of scanning thousands of files, I'm told that Backup Set B is "locked" and therefore can't be used. As far as I know, I never put any sort of password on it.


How do I unlock it so I can continue? I have searched online on this site and in the user's manual and can't find an answer.


I suppose I could just create a "Backup Set C" and use THAT as the destination; but that seems to defeat the purpose of the incremental backups. And then I worry THAT would lock up. Help!


Oh: Just before this backup I used Backup Set B to restore some files I'd lost. So it doesn't seem to be "locked" in any sense i understand.

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