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Retrospect 5.0.238 won't restore some files

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I use Retrospect 5.0.238 (MacOS X 10.3.3) to backup my 80GB drive in my PowerBook to an external 120GB drive as a file backup. Last week, this hard disk died and had to be replaced. Lucky me, I thought, I keep a backup. I get my PowerBook back and boot up off the external drive and restore the entire disk.


Imagine my surprise and chagrin to find a database file used in my home automation system did not restore. If I select the option "Restore files from a backup", I cannot find this file anywhere in the catalog. If I select the option "Search for files and folders" I can find the file and restore it.


The problem is, if one file is not restored when restoring an entire drive, how many other files have not been restored? With over 400,000 files on the disk it is not easy to check all the files are there and if I have to actually search for them by name (From memory) in the catalog it is impossible.


If a restore is not consistent and reliable, then Retrospect becomes useless as a backup solution. I feel as though I have paid for software that does not perform as advertised.


I have checked the known issues knowledgebase document (Article 28093) and this is not mentioned.


If I upgrade to 6.0 is it guaranteed to fix this bug?










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