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Backing up takes HOURS - is this normal?

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Hi people


I am running Systemworks (Retrospect Express) OS 10.3.2 / G4 FW800/ 1Mhz/ Ext LaCie FW HD 80GB/ and back up to the external HD. It seems to take forever to do this, often 4 hours or so. I back up at night and often I have to quit before its finished.I can't leave it on on night because the HD is too noisy. I don't have a massive HD to back up, maybe 35GB. Just back up iPhoto, tunes a bit of word and a few other minor apps.


At the moment I use an easyscript but in the past have run acomplete duplicate. Is'nt the easyscript just meant to do incremental bacups, in which case it should be much quicker shouldn't it? Any ideas on how to speed things up?


I want to back up every day, if its quick enough. For an average user how long should it take? confused.gif


Thanks alot dudes



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