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Problem reusing DVD-RW

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we are using Retrospect 5 to backup our Mac running OS 10.3.

The mac is a G4 Dual from summer 2002 with a the Pioneer 104 superdrive, driver "227" . backup media is DVD-RW.


After having filled up about 10 DVD's we want to reuse the media and the backup set.

Unfortunately Retro has problems erasing/rewriting the media. So do other DVD writing apps, so the problem is probably not only due to Retro.


Has someone here experience with DVD-RW's? The brand we use is mostly Intenso or SK (cheap).

Do we have to update the DVD driver (Apples utility says ist not needed)? ARe the cheap DVD's the problem?

Should we try to erase the DVD with toast or Unix tools?

Any help appreciated





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