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Xserve,Retrospect&Exabyte VXA AutoPac

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When launching Retrospect, backup device does not appear in Storage Devices but does appear in Device Status and only the loader appears (SCSI ID 5).


Here are the main characters involved.


Xserve, Dual 1.33GHz, Bay 1 60GB, Bays 2,3&4 180GB Mirrored. OS X Server 10.3.1, ATTO ExpressPCI Pro UL366 SCSI Card (Rom revision 1.6.6f0)

Retrospect Server 5.1.175 , Driver Version 4.1.109

Exabyte VXA AutoPac 1x10, Driver E25R, Loader ID 5, Drive ID 2


I have already talked in length with Apple, Dantz, Exabyte and ATTO. Naturally, everyone points fingers at everyone else, however the last tech I talked to at Dantz really felt that the engineers at Apple needed to be brought into the loop since the problem only occurred after I upgraded to OS X 10.3. Prior to that my backups were going along ok under OS X 10.2.6.


I have not been able to backup my server for over 14 days now and it has me uneasy.


I am hoping someone can offer a different light on the subject.

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