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Scheduled Backups Not Finding Data to Backup.

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I have a customer running Retrospect 6.1.126 on a Mac OS X Server 10.3.9 with all updates applied. Clients consist of another Mac OS X Server 10.4.7 and several Mac 10.4.7 & Windows clients.


When scheduled, scripted backups execute and the scanning & matching completes, the two volumes on the Tiger server and the single volume on the Panther server return the message in the log "No files need to be copied." All of the Mac & Windows clients are backed up.


However, when an immediate backup is executed, new and modified files are backed up as expected.


The only Selector in use is "All Files Except Cache Files."


This was all working well until about three weeks ago, when it suddenly stopped working.


Last week I noticed this when I started a new backup set & script after a backup drive failure. On the initial backup to the new backup set & script, the "No files need to be copied." message appeared!


Anyone have any suggestions about this?



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What source is listed for the script? Is it possible that things got confused when the backup drive failed such that nothing is present for a source? Because everything works on the clients, it seems to only be a problem with the server's source volumes. What happens if you delete and then re-add those source volumes for the server?



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Only reason I suggest this is that I had a similar thing happen on a client a while back when we upgraded its drive to a bigger one. The drive got a new volume ID, which confused Retrospect, which was still looking for the replaced volume.


I seem to have similar senior moments of confusion as I get older...



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