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Problems with custom icons?

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I was hoping someone could verify something for me.


Today, I discovered that a bunch of folders weren't backing up on a client Windows XP computer. When I attempted a custom backup, all the folders which had not been backing up were visible, but with a lock icon next to them.


So, in researching, the only connection that the client could make with all of these folders is that she has changed all the icons to custom icons. When I looked at the permissions on her computer for these folders, they had only her listed as having full control. The folders that were backing up successfully showed her, administrators, and SYSTEM all having full control.


Does anyone know if, indeed, changing Windows icons causes the folders to become locked to Retrospect? Are there any other user actions that can result in a folder becoming locked?



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Are there any other user actions that can result in a folder becoming locked?



Each client has the option of creating private files or folders that will not be backed up. For Windows clients, two steps need to be taken: the client needs to click on the Private Files option in the client control panel, and then add the pathnames of the desired files or folders to the privacy list.

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