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Backups using external FW800 (Lacie 1.2TB) - Error

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We are having issues running a backup to a external LAcie hard drive on our Xserve. we have 2 - 1.2TB FW800 drives. One we are having no issues, the other, we are having this error come up repeatedly even after reformatting the drive: Toruble writing media: "Backup A" error 206 (drive reported a failure, dirty heads, bad media, etc). We are also working with Lacie and want to find if its a Retrospect issue or drive-specific.


Any input would be appreciated. EMC2 gives no free support for new license users, which is ridiculous!

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If one destination drive is working but the second is not, that's pretty suggestive of a hardware problem.


We had a 500 GB LaCie drive that was repeatedly giving 206 errors in Retrospect, but seemed to work properly otherwise (Finder copies, CarbonCopyCloner, Disk Utility, etc.). LaCie said it couldn't be their hardware; it must be Retrospect. However, a couple of weeks later the drive went belly-up, and LaCie replaced it under warranty.


I've found that Retrospect can really push the hardware, uncovering incipient problems before other software does.

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As I mentioned in another thread, our (Multiple folks at work) experience here paints a bad picture of those drives. Apparently they aren't cooled enough, so if you get them really humming they burn up. Do some net searches, and I think you'll find people have tips for keeping them cooler.


good luck -Shon


p.s. It is too bad about Retrospect and support. Honestly at this point, I'd just wish they'd update the Mac version of Retrospect. They are literally not making money, because the software is so old. I have a req here from 3/2004 for almost $1k.

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