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Strange quits in Retrospect 6 on Mac Server

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We have an OS X server version 10.4.7 running Retrospect 6.1.126 and driver We are backing up to an external SATA box with 750 gig Seagate drives (although it doesn't seem to make a difference what we are backing up to.


The volumes I am backing up are: an internal ATA drive (startup disk), and internal SATA software mirror with two Seagate 500 gig drives, a software mirror with two 500 gig Seagate drives in an external SATA box and a software mirror with two Seagate 750 gig drives in the same exteranl box.


G4 MDD 1.25 ghz machine with 1.25 gigs of memory


The behavior: Retrospect will just quit in the middle of the backup. Sometimes it will quit in the middle of scanning the first volume, sometimes it gets through the backup on the first and even the second volume but then quites when scanning the second or third. No error message, it just quits. If it does back up some of the volumes I will get a catalog out of sync message the next time it runs. It makes no difference what volume I back up first. It will quit on any of them.


What is really strange is that I have discovered that if I restart the machine after everyone has left for the day but before the backup runs then the backup always runs perfectly.


Any thoughts?

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