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We have Retrospect Server 6.1.126 on a Mac Mini (OS X - v10.4.7)

We do all our backup on FW disks - no problem.


Actually i am adding a Xserve Server as client with 2 x 500 Go disks (mirrored) and 1 x 400 Go

as the system disk. I have no problem analyzing and backing up the system disk

but each analyzing process on the 500 Go disk which is mirrored

stops with an error -116.


Has anyone an idea if Retrospect does backing up mirrored disks and what i am missing?


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Yes, Retrospect can back up mirrored disks (we use SoftRAID, not Apple's Software RAID). I've never backed up our Xserve G5 as a client, though, only as the Retrospect [Workgroup] machine (6.1.126). How much memory do you have on the Xserve? The client may need bunches of memory to handle large files, and may not be able to allocate enough. Try defining a subvolume with just a small portion of the Xserve (e.g., /etc ), see if you still get the error when backing up the subvolume.


Are you SURE that you are running Retrospect SERVER 6.1.126 ? Retrospect Desktop and Retrospect Workgroup are not able to back up a Mac OS X Server as a client. Retrospect Workgroup (which is what we have) runs on Mac OS X Server and can back up Mac OS X [non-server] clients. Consider moving Retrospect to the Xserve.


Specifically, though, for the error -116 (from /usr/include/errno.h):

memSCErr = -116, /*Size Check failed*/



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Thank you Russ,

Thats a good idea and i will check the amount of memory on our Xserve G5 and the Mac-mini

as soon as i am at work.


I am actually backing up the system disk of our Xserve G5 without problem. As you propose i will

define a subvolume and try to back it up.


Migrating Retrospect to the Mac OS X Server would be the next step (although there are other

implications - the Mac OS X Server is in a computer room and the Mac-mini and the backup disks in my office).


I'll be back as soon as i can


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