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Retrospect can't read DVD-Rs it once wrote to...

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I am running Retrospect 6.1.126 on a Powerbook G4 using Mac OS X 10.4.7. I have both the built-in DVD+/-R writer and a Firewire LaCie DL DVD+/-R writer. Both work fine from the Finder when I ask them to read or write DVD-R disks.


At some point in the past, I used Retrospect to write to DVD-R discs, which are part of a backup set that now also includes DVD+R discs. This week, I went to restore a file from some of the DVD-R discs, only to find that Retrospect apparently can't read the discs. When Retrospect is not running, the discs show up in the finder when inserted in either DVD drive.


If I remove all disks from the drives, start up Retrospect, and go to Configure -> Devices and click on a drive and then click "Configure", it asks me, of course, to insert a disk. If I insert a blank DVD-R, Retrospect goes to a spinning beachball (if I move my cursor over the small box that requested the disk) or its usual "2 spinning squares" "busy" signal (if the cursor is anywhere else). I let it continue this overnight, but in the morning all I could do was force quit.


If I first insert a blank DVD-R in the built-in drive and then choose "Configure -> Devices", it shows the name of the built-in drive and "incompatible."


If I first insert a DVD-R that is part of the backup set in the external drive and then choose "Configure -> Devices" and click on the name of the external drive, I get the same spinning beachball/busy signal, which also has gone overnight.


Any idea how I can 1) configure Retrospect to read/write DVD-R's or 2) get Retrospect to read the existing backup set discs that are in DVD-R format?


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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