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First backup of Windows machine is fine, permission errors on subsequent ones

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I am trying to duplicate the "My Documents" folder from Windows XP Pro machine to our G4 server running Retrospect 6.1. The first backup runs fine but any new files added to the folder give me permission errors on the second or subsequent backups. I noticed that when I browse the folder from the Retrospect "configure volumes window" that there is a lock on the "My Documents" folder. The user tried to change the folder attributes to remove the green square which we assume means the folder and all its contents are "read-only" but this did not succeed. She is the sole owner and admistrator of her computer. We have the same problem backing up her "Favorites" which also has the lock but not the "Desktop" or her "Outlook" folder which do not have the lock. Also, I noticed that after the first backup a lock appears on the destination volumes on the server but it is greyed out so I cannot remove it; in any case, I certainly don't want to have to do this after every backup. I have read extensively in this forum but have not seen anything about this problem. I would appreciate some fresh perspective on the problem, hopefully a solution...

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