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two copies of Retrospect start up

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Apologies if this has been posted and answered, I tried a couple of seaches here and in the KB but couldn't find anything.


I have a Mac OS X (10.4.3, not server) machine running Retrospect 6.1.126.


For some time now, after a reboot, the first time Retrospect starts for a scheduled execution, it starts two copies. One of them ends up complaining the catalog is locked so it cannot do anything. The solution is I find this out when I bother to look and quit the extra copy. Then with that copy open, it executes the scripts and things work fine.


It appears to still be doing a backup when two copies are open -- I have snapshots from the time when two were open, but the log gets confused because presumably it is being written to by two apps.


Any ideas of how to stop this? I fiddled with this a while ago but gave up, but after a recent reboot this happened again and I thought to ask here :-)




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This is a known issue, and there have been several threads on the topic.


As far as I know, the only foolproof way to avoid it is to not have Retrospect autolaunch (i.e., to launch it manually before a scheduled execution). Some users have reported that the problem seems to appear only (or most often) on the first autolaunch after a reboot.


Unti EMC sees fit to fix it, it appears we all simply have to live with it. In our case the problem was sporadic but annoying, so we have chosen simply to leave Retrospect running all the time.

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