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I downloaded updates and now have Retrospect 6.1.126. I have created a duplicate of corresponding files onto a Maxtor Ext. HD on several occassions, but most recently I received an error message of "execution incomplete" when the corresponding files started to copy over. Would you please help?

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I click on the arrow and there are no additional details provided.



Since there are no clickable (or non-clickable) arrows in the Operations Log, it's my guess that you're clicking on something else.


Press Command+L and note the window that opens. Entries are listed in chronological order, oldest at the top.



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Hello -


I have a Quad Core G5 running 10.4.7 and the newest version of Retrospect (6.1.126). I am attempting to back up for the first time and have read through all the documentation. The super drive shows up in the "Drives". When I got to configure, I follow the FAQ, and it asks for a blank DVD, which I provide. Each time when it checks the writing method, Retrospect goes unresponsive and I have to force-quit out of it (and it always causes a kernel panic). I cannot figure out what is causing this, and it is reproducible; always the same way. If I try to back up without configuring it I get an error box that says there are no drives. The standard Apple dialog box for a blank DVD comes up, and I select "Retrospect" or "finder" either without any joy. Thanks in advance.

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Hi, Dave - Sorry, the reason I did that was I thought I might have been in the wrong forum the first time. My apologies, I have deleted the other post.


The information I have in Retrospect as it shows:




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