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I know this may seem like a very stupid question, but I am struggling finding a solution for a very simple problem. I am trying to back-up computers over a network, but it seems to fail when my computers go to sleep. I have changed my computer sleep references (on all associated computers) to NEVER, but it still seems to lose network connection after a while. Does the monitor sleeping cause a problem? Does a screen saver screw things up (no crazy screen savers, just the default photo ones that come with the Mac). Are there problems with it being a wireless network.


Here are the specifics:


Running Mac OSX Tiger on all Machines

Running Restrospect 6.1 for Mac

Running a wireless network via Airport (Restrospect desktop is plugged in directly via LAN line)


Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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I went through the same head scratching that you did. In my case, it was that some of the users were trying to be "helpful" and were clicking the "sleep" button on the login window after they logged out. I solved it by having the energy saver wake up the machine 5 minutes before the scheduled start of Retrospect's backup.


Hope this helps.



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