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Very long idle/loading/preparing

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I'm running Retro 6.1.126 on a G5 Xserve, with a fiber connected XRaid. The tape drive is a Sony StorStation AIT Lib162, connected via SCSI. Backup is approx 800Gb, mostly tif, pdf, and ai. The problem I am having is that when I try to run a backup over the weekend, it times out on Monday morning, having copied some, but not all of the data, as it has stopped at the scheduled time. Looking over the logs, the last line of the log shows:


Duration: 60:59:38 (50:37:16 idle/loading/preparing)


Why is the backup device taking more than 50 hours to load tapes?


I have:

-checked firmware for tape drive, SCSI card.

-updated drivers for Retrospect

-installed an Apple supported SCSI card (replaced an ATTO card)

-run backups to firewire drives (works fine!!)

-replaced the SCSI cable

-talked to Retro support


I have been fighting this issue for months.... Does anyone have any idea out there as to why Retro and my tape drive take sooo long to back up? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!




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-installed an Apple supported SCSI card (replaced an ATTO card)


Just for curiosity, what ATTO card did you take out, and what "Apple supported SCSI card" did you put in? We had problems with Retrospect using the BTO Apple-branded dual-channel SCSI card (really an Apple-rebranded LSI Logic 22320) that came with our Xserve G5, and all of the problems disappeared when we replaced it with an ATTO UL4D SCSI card.


Is there anything else on the SCSI channel with the Sony StorStation AIT Lib162 ?


Also, if it was an ATTO UL4D or UL4S, there have been a few driver and firmware updates in the past few months or so, if you have been troubleshooting this for that long, and you might want to give the ATTO a try again with updated firmware/driver.



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Coincidentally enough, the card that came out of the system was an ATTO UL4S. I believe the card that is in there is listed in System Profiler as an LSI 1030. I have been keeping an eye on the Atto website, I think I had drivers that were less than a month old, so I don't think the drivers are the problem.

There are no other devices on the SCSI channel, it's just the server and the tape drive.

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