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error 109 (unexpected filemark or FTP end of file)

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I'm getting this error when ever i try to rebuild a catalog from a tape. Trouble positioning: “1-CB Postcards 2004” (0), error 109 (unexpected filemark or FTP end of file).

I can recover some files from the tape just fine, but not all. Any ideas on how to fix this?

Current setup is Retrospect 6.1.126, Mac OS 10.4.6, PMG5, HP StorageWorks DAT 40, ATTO UL3S SCSI card.

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Unfortunately, it sounds like the tape member may be damaged, which would mean that you won't be able to access anything on that member past the point of damage.


You might try reading it on another DAT drive; however, in my experience that seldom helps.


You can restore files from later members. The easiest way to do this is to go to Configure> Backup Sets> and set the member "1-CB Postcards 2004" as "Missing;" then perform your restore. (You can always set it back to "Found" in the future if you have to restore files from the beginning of this tape member.)

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