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restore contents of a single tape of tape set?

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I was copying a large tapeset to a drive so that I can move it to new tapes. I used the "restore search for files" with no search parameters to copy everything. During the copying Retrospect (or the Mac) hung on one of the tapes. My options were to either pause or stop. I tried to pause and continue but that didn't work, so I stopped.


Is there any way to copy the entire contents from a particular tape/member of a backup set? for example could I choose member X of the XYZ backup set?





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There is no way to select a particular tape member by name, but you can do it by date and time. Go to Configure> Backup Sets> Members. Find the date and time that data was first written to the desired member (e.g., 6-Storage Set), and the date and time that data was first written to the following member (e.g., 7-Storage Set). If you search for files backed up between those two times, you will locate the files on the desired member (6-Storage Set).

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