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Keep getting "client not visible" (-1028) error

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Hi... I run Retrospect version 6.1.126 on my G4 mac and backup a couple of computers with it (reliably), including another Mac and my wife's PC... I recently bought another mac, a MacBook Pro, and I added a Retrospect Client, version 6.1.130, onto that machine... That was just three days ago and when I ran a backup on the main G4 (to backup the MacBook Pro), it worked just fine that first time... But since then, it won't run and I instead only get "Sorry, can't connect to client, error -1028 (client is not visible on network)". If I launch the client on the laptop it seems to come up ok and says "Ready" in the status window. Also, on the G4 (the backup server if you will), when I go to Configure/Clients, it always seems to "see" the laptop correctly... I verified this by turning the laptop off and noting that when I do that, the G4 no longer "see's" it but when I turn the laptop back on, sure enough it comes up again in the OSX clients list again... Furthermore, the G4 reports that the laptop is "Responding".... So far, so good... But then anything else that I do from trying a backup to trying to configure that client machine or anything gives me the "client not visible" error... Any thoughts??? I reinstalled the client on the laptop just for grins but get the same problem... And again, it worked fine the very first time after I installed the client but not once since... Any help would be much appreciated... thanks much... bob..

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